Project #011: Everything’s Dolly

MRK2I haven’t been knitting for a few years now, to be quite honest, I had not intention of starting any projects. However, there have been a few ideas floating around at work, one being charity knitting and the other, to teach a colleague how to knit.

Just before the Easter holidays all this changed when my best friend, Mary, inherited her mother’s childhood baby doll as part of a birthday present from her father.   The doll freaked a lot of people out, but another passion of mine is doll collecting and when I saw this 14 inch doll with the original Pedigree Triangle on the back I thought she is really cute.  The doll, who goes by the name of, “Dolly”,  may have seen better days, she has been loved and came with a few cracks and bumps, but Mary loved her and couldn’t wait to share her doll with me, however, I sort of had an inkling at what would be coming next.

Mary’s mother was a great knitter and she had a bright pink outfit that was knitted in the 1980’s, but as the doll had been in the attic, the garment had become dusty and mildew had developed.  Mary, mentioned that she wanted to get a new set of clothes for Dolly, a set that would be in keeping with the era in which the doll was made, she then mentioned that it would nice to have an layette set, if only she knew of someone who could knit, ‘hint, hint!’

The enthusiasm of the new owner was too much and I found myself agreeing to take up the challenge and help find a pattern for a layette set to knit for the doll, here I have to point out two things that were going through my mind:  “This is going to be a nightmare of a project in 3ply or 2ply yarn” and “Lace work!”

I found a lovely site on the internet call The Vintage Knitting Lady, owned by a lady called Sue, I urge you to take a look if you love vintage patterns as she has one of the best collection of catalogued vintage patterns I have ever seen, you can purchase them online as PDF or you can order a photocopy, there are even some original booklets and pamphlets too.  If truth be told, I have become a bit obsessed with this site and have spent hours in the evening browsing through all the old patterns, they are amazing.



Mary and I spent a good hour browsing through the site and finally she came across a patter that she liked and I purchased it, the pattern was a booklet called Quickly Knitted Clothes for Dolls,  Penelope booklet N33 and the patten that Mary chose was a sweet set which comprised of jacket dress bonnet and booties.  Sue sent the pattern straight away and I put it on my iPad.  I took a peak at the pattern and to my great relief it was in DK baby yarn, a quick walk down to Hobby craft and I purchased a few balls of Baby Pink yarn in Hayfields Baby Bonus Knit.

I soon went to work on the set and was very surprised to notice that the pattern was correct, these garments really did knit up quickly and the patterns were easy to follow.  I found the shaping a little odd, but when making up I was really impressed with how they turned out.

the whole set was made in less than three evenings, here was the progress:

Here my own childhood Tiny Tears doll modelled the dress so I could send a picture to Mary of the progress.

Finally here is the finished set, complete with ribbons and a smile on their new owner, “Dolly”, I think that the set suits her perfectly and Mary was so pleased with the outfit as she felt Dolly now looked perfectly dressed for a Sunday stroll in the park.

Overall I am really pleased with how this mini project went, I have also got the bug for knitting more doll clothes for some of my 1980’s girls, as I think Tiny Tears was a little put out that she had to give up the dress.

What do you think?



On the Needles #18 The Short Sleeve Top

Oh my dear needles, how could  I have neglected you and put you to rest for such a time.   “Why, oh why”  I hear you cry.  The answer my dears, is that you can too much of a good thing and time and tide wait for no man even if he is sporting a lovely fisherman’s rib. So here I am with too many UFO’s which I decided to give up the ghost on, sadly they all went in the bin;  and a stash that has seen it’s last legs and been sent to charity to be transformed into blankets and jumpers for orphans.   I have vowed in front of Daddy Rivett to only use yarn for the project that I am working and not hoard a stash that reproduces faster than you can say, “Watership Down”. Spring is here and the Rivett’s are in the middle of moving, hence the purge, and while flicking through the latest copy yarn2_medium2of Woman’s Weekly Knitting and Crochet Special May 2015 in W H SMITHS, I came across a lovely pattern that took my eye:  A Short-sleeve top by Pat Menchini,  purchasing the magazine I took myself off to Hobbycraft Sunday afternoon (on my own) and found this lovely new yarn branded by the Women’s Institute, Hobbycraft Valuecrafts Women’s Institute Premium Acrylic.  Yes the snob in me says that this yarn is acrylic, but not does not have that harshness of a cheap yarn, the colourway is beautiful for this brand.  I fell in love with this gorgeous spring green 24889 Lime.  The yarn was on a 3 for 2 offer so the whole project only cost £4.40. Click, Click, Click, I’m casting on and working up a rib while, Daddy Rivett is sitting next to me glued to the first episode of season 5 of Game of Thrones.   If you want to knit along with me pop down to your local newsagents and click away. womans-weekly-lacy-t-shirt_medium2  

Nerd Wars Tournament 4: Week 1

Here ere is my update on what has been going on in week one. I wrote my Dissertation Proposal and it was accepted. Waving hands madly in the air in a Kermit fashion, “Yaaaay!!!” I have drawn out the sketch of the Kermit Puppet, I am designing this pattern myself from scratch. I made a start of knitting […]

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Nerd Wars Tournament 4 Dissertation Proposal: Henson & Kerm, A Boy & His Frog

A few months ago I stumbled across a few new sites and forums on the net.  the first was a game on Ravelry called Nerd Wars.  It took me a few weeks to get my head around the concept.  In a nutshell, it is a knitting game set over 3 month Tournament played against teams […]

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Project #010: The Alan Dart Halloween Hamster

I know what you are going to say, ‘I thought that you were knitting the Flopsy Bunny next’ and, ‘what happened to project 8 and 9?’ All was going well, I stared on the Flopsy Bunny and then I received my bonus at work.  So I then decided to treat myself to some luxury yarn, with […]

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Project #006: The Eve Everitt (M)a(K) Penguin

This little penguin was knitted over two evenings, as part of my initiation into the British Banter Forums on Ravelry. The Pattern is free and can be downloaded here:  The Eve Everitt (M)a(K) Penguin As part of the initiation you have to announce the Birth on one of the threads. Announcement of Birth Name: Toe Jam […]

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Project #005: The Alan Dart Desperate Dan

One of the first Intarsia toy booklets I purchased early on happened to be the Beano and Dandy Collection. The set comprises of seven knitted characters who appeared in the Beano and the Dandy comics published by D. C. Thomson & Co. Ltd.  Nearly every child in England grew up with these comics and the […]

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Sew & Sew #004: The Alan Dart Desperate Dan

Desperate Dan was very easy to make up.  the only taxing thing about him was the embroidery of the face. You can tell that this was one of Alan’s earlier designs, the doll itself is very basic, to be honest, I found that it was like making up an old 80’s Jill Gammon toy. As […]

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On the Needles #004: The Alan Dart Desperate Dan

Desperate Dan is on the needles at the moment.  An interesting knit with darts and gusset pieces cast on and off throughout the pattern.   Desperate Dan is an original Alan Dart Doll from the early days when Alan worked with Gary Kennedy under the Intarsia Brand. The pattern is part of the Beano and Dandy Toy […]

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Project #004: The Debi Birkin Sack of Mice Tea Cosy

The sack of mice tea cosy was such a nice little project, one that I could dip in and out of at leisure.  Not that I needed a reason to knit this, but we thought that Daddy Rivett’s Mum would like it for her Birthday. Yarns used for this project were all Sirdar Bonus knit […]

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