Sew & Sew #001: The Debi Birkin Royal Garden Party Tea & Egg Cosy Set

I finally climbed I to bed at 05:00 this morning,  as I had a deadline to finish the tea cosy.  Apparently there is a wedding today and there is this theme.

Ok it was my own fault, I even did housework to avoid painstakingly sewing and knitting those little jewels. Not my favourite thing, making up. Why, because I am a perfectionist and, when it comes to getting my work just right, nothing will get in my way, even sleep.

The Birds were singing their sweet dawn chorus and blurry eyed families were adorning the milk train with chattering excited little girls creating grand illusions of  being the first glimpse of the soon to be princess.

Daddy Rivett is taking pictures of the project as we speak, so a post will be up tonight,

All this effort, it did get me thinking. Is it just me, or are there any more people out there who work throughout the night just to get a craft project finished? Or like me, do you find that you are more productive in the wee small hours?

Happy knitting,

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