Project #002: The Debi Birkin Royal Garden Party Tea & Egg Cosy Set

The wedding is over, the Bride looked stunning and Mummy Rivett was up till 05:00 to finish the crown in time for the garden part at East Greenwich Pleasaunce.

The story behind this one was thus.  Three weeks prior to the wedding, Daddy Rivett and I were taking Poppy and Buster to the Pleasaunce for our their Sunday morning run.

We always eat at Pistachio’s in the Park.  Lizzy and the girls who own it are so friendly and have done a brilliant job of creating a hub of activity and as a result have been the cornerstone of developing our local community.  We are so fond of them they even came to the evening reception of our wedding.

Lizzy mentioned they they were planning to have a garden party for the Royal Wedding and asked if we wanted to join in, the local Westcombe Park Community and the local school were all pitching in, they were showing the wedding on a big screen, there would be stalls and bunting and a raffle.  All proceeds were to go to the Earthquake appeal in Japan.  I have two friends in Japan who we love dearly, so I offered to knit a crown for the raffle.

As far as knitting projects go, this one was fine to knit.  I used yarns I have never knitted with before to give an extra special feel to this one.

The Pattern was by Debi Birkin and you can download the pattern from her website (link in the left hand side bar)

The yarns used were Sirdar Bonus DK in Claret (my favourite yarn and colour) for inside, Sirdar Snowflake Chunky in Milky for that fantastic fur at the bottom of the crown and yes it is knitted and Sirdar Funky Fur in Black for the trim.  All three of these yarns were purchased from our friends at Deramores (link in the left hand bar).

The Gold and Jewels for the main crown were made up from Anchor Crochet threads, these were difficult to get hold of, very expensive and fiddley to use.  The white gold was ok as you had to knit two threads together, the smaller jewels where really difficult and I ended up knitting them on smaller needles 2.5mm to get the right tension.  threads used were Anchor Artiste Metallic Crochet No.5 Thread White Gold 303 for the crown, Anchor Artiste Metallic Crochet No.5 Thread Green 322, Anchor Artiste Metallic Crochet No.5 Thread Red 318 for the Rubies, Anchor Artiste Metallic Crochet No.5 Thread Blue 320 for the Saphires and Anchor Artiste Metallic Crochet No.5 Thread Silver 301 for the tiny diamond chain stitches for each of the jewel mounts.  All of the metallic threads came from purple linda crafts.

As mentioned in previous posts, the pattern was easy and fast, you knit the main crown in two separate pieces and amazingly the white base is knitted, the yarn knits up like a fleece, I’ve wanted to use it for ages and thought I would try out on this project.  The only thing that took time was the make up.  But to be honest, Make ups always do and because I am very fussy about attention to detail this one had me in stitches.

The egg cosy was knitted and made up in one evening, fast easy and the jewels were just satin stitch with line of chain stitch embroidered round the edges to make them stand out.

Please note that Debi states in her pattern that the fur base is knitted in mohair.  I’m not a lover of mohair and had a stash of Snowflake which I will use for the tail of a rabbit in an up and coming project.  The Funky Fur was left over from the last project, so I thought I’d make use of it.

Over all I’m really happy with the way this project turned out, I think it is one of the nicest crown tea cosies I’ve come across, there were a few that were available at the time due to the wedding and as much as I admire all those that write patterns, I think Debi has done a wonderful job at creating a superior design.

Happy Knitting,


  1. I think these are magnificent, much better than the real thing! 🙂

  2. colleen says:

    I love your tea cosy.
    I have the pattern but have not been able to find yarn/metallic threads. Thanks for the link.

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