Project #003: The Shortstuff411 R2D2 Beanie

The R2D2 Beanie, finished with more time than you could wave a light saber at.  This was my first ever Commission for a work colleague for her son’s birthday.  She was delighted and it raised a few smiles all round.

Nice little knit this one, little being the operative word here.   For some reason this pattern knits up rather small.  I did read some of the comments from other knitters who have knitted this one and they all seem to say the same thing.  In fact, since knitting this project there has been an update on the site saying:

*EDIT* THIS PATTERN COMES OUT SMALL- probably suitable for a child age 4-ish. It would be easy to insert the chart onto a bigger hat, and add some extra length and panels into the back with a little work.

Most helpful.

Daddy Rivett does want one, so if I do decide to  re knit this, I will make a few alterations to the pattern.

This Pattern is freely available on the web and can be found on Ravelry and direct from the Crafter website.  The pattern was designed by a knitter who goes by the name of Shortsuff411.

Yarn used for this project was Sirdar Bonus Knit in Denim, Silver Grey, Rustic Red and Black all purchased from our friends at Deramores (link in the left hand bar)

You will need to use bobbins for this project, Pony do a great set and they are under £2.00 in most craft stores,  I went through two sets for this project.

With this project I tried some new knitting techniques, knowing that it was only 90 stitches across I thought it would need all the give I could knit.  Remember I am used to knitting toys so I do tend to knit tight by default, this project was knitted on larger needles to compensate.

So the two new techniques I tried were the Continental Cast On as this gives an elasticated cast on edge, this cast on technique is also known as Long Tail Cast on.  I found using this way of casting on a bit tricky as you only use one needle :

The rule of thumb is to give yourself 12″ of tail for every 20 stitches, however I gave myself more just in case.

Hold the yarn tail over the top of your left thumb and then trial the yarn over your index finger.

Grab the ends together with your middle ring and little fingers making a triangle with the yarn.

Take your needle and place under the yarn running between your thumb and index finger and hold in place and pull back slightly or hold onto the needle by using a slip knot.

Bring the needle under the left loop created by the yarn held between the thumb, index, ring and little finger.

Using the needle take this loop over the top of the yarn bring it over the right loop created by the yarn held on the index finger.

Pull the yarn on the right loop through and  onto the needle.

Release the yarn held on the thumb and pull the tails tight.

This technique automatically creates a knit row.

I soon got the hang of this method and after a while you find yourself developing a rhythm.  Quite satisfying really.

The second new technique I adopted for this pattern was to knit with Double Pointed Needles.  This was something I had never done before and have always steered away from, however, there was no way round it, I had to bite the bullet with this one as there is other way of shaping the crown without using them.

Scary little blighter’s aren’t they.  I did it though and goodness, how I enjoyed using them, when knitting stocking stitch you do not have  to purl any rows, amazing.  so neat, quick and simple and the best part, no sewing at the end.

Hand Knitted by

Happy Knitting,

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