Project #010: The Alan Dart Halloween Hamster

I know what you are going to say, ‘I thought that you were knitting the Flopsy Bunny next’ and, ‘what happened to project 8 and 9?’

All was going well, I stared on the Flopsy Bunny and then I received my bonus at work.  So I then decided to treat myself to some luxury yarn, with a view of knitting myself one of the Gary Kennedy Intarsia Jumpers.  To which Daddy Rivett protested that he would love  jumper for the autumn and could I knit him one.  I said yes and he went through my pattern books and picked out Inspector Clouseau from the Pink Panther pattern booklet:

 My Summer consisted of knitting my first Jumper in over 15 years.  I really enjoyed it but knew I had to get back to the Flopsy Bunny as Alexis was now pregnant for the second time and I wanted to get it finished.

I was then invited to join a Birthday swap group, which happened to be coming up soon, so I started knitting my project for this one.

So that meant Projects 7, 8 and 9 were on the go.

This week at work I was asked if I would be interviewed at work for an article on the Blog in conjunction with a Knitwear deal.  I was delighted to be interviewed, I was then encouraged to join in knitting an item for Halloween over the period of time of the deal.  Not one to turn down a challenge at work, I knew exactly what little project to start, my wonderful friend, Alan Dart designed a great set of Halloween Hamsters for Simply Knitting Magazine.  just the right size to knit in the time frame.

Here a link to the article:  M&S Stories:- Challenge Chanj

So in less than the time stated, 3 days in fact,  I present to you:

The M&S Challenge Chanj, Halloween ‘Knit A Long’ Project #010: The Alan Dart Halloween Hamster

Happy Knitting,

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