Nerd Wars Tournament 4: Week 1

Here ere is my update on what has been going on in week one.

I wrote my Dissertation Proposal and it was accepted. Waving hands madly in the air in a Kermit fashion, “Yaaaay!!!”

I have drawn out the sketch of the Kermit Puppet, I am designing this pattern myself from scratch.

I made a start of knitting Jim, so far I have finished:

The Body

The Head

One Arm 

One Leg

I started having a go at designing and knitting the Jacket. Knitting and frogging it about 6 times over

The Body

One Arm

The most challenging part of the week was knitting and designing the shape of Kermit’s head. The first attempt came out the same size as as Jim’s head, therefore I had to start again. I am using my trusty Fisher Price Kermit as a model. I think he quite likes the attention and is looking kind of pleased with himself.




Final Kermit Head

So all in all it has been a fun packed week, I am really pleased with the start that I have made and also watching the work Team Fraggle has produced since the start. I think we all deserve a pat on the back.

Happy Knitting,

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