On the Needles #18 The Short Sleeve Top

Oh my dear needles, how could  I have neglected you and put you to rest for such a time.   “Why, oh why”  I hear you cry.  The answer my dears, is that you can too much of a good thing and time and tide wait for no man even if he is sporting a lovely fisherman’s rib. So here I am with too many UFO’s which I decided to give up the ghost on, sadly they all went in the bin;  and a stash that has seen it’s last legs and been sent to charity to be transformed into blankets and jumpers for orphans.   I have vowed in front of Daddy Rivett to only use yarn for the project that I am working and not hoard a stash that reproduces faster than you can say, “Watership Down”. Spring is here and the Rivett’s are in the middle of moving, hence the purge, and while flicking through the latest copy yarn2_medium2of Woman’s Weekly Knitting and Crochet Special May 2015 in W H SMITHS, I came across a lovely pattern that took my eye:  A Short-sleeve top by Pat Menchini,  purchasing the magazine I took myself off to Hobbycraft Sunday afternoon (on my own) and found this lovely new yarn branded by the Women’s Institute, Hobbycraft Valuecrafts Women’s Institute Premium Acrylic.  Yes the snob in me says that this yarn is acrylic, but not does not have that harshness of a cheap yarn, the colourway is beautiful for this brand.  I fell in love with this gorgeous spring green 24889 Lime.  The yarn was on a 3 for 2 offer so the whole project only cost £4.40. Click, Click, Click, I’m casting on and working up a rib while, Daddy Rivett is sitting next to me glued to the first episode of season 5 of Game of Thrones.   If you want to knit along with me pop down to your local newsagents and click away. womans-weekly-lacy-t-shirt_medium2  

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