Thank you for dropping by. My name is Leanne, affectionately known by the online community as Mummy Rivett. Ironically, I’m not a Mum at all, however, I care and adopt anyone who comes knocking at our door.

Recently married, to Daddy Rivett we continue to live with our two Springer Spaniels, Poppy & Buster and not forgetting our vocal African Grey Parrot, Ashley Bird in our comfortable maisonette in the heart of Greenwich.

After a break of  20 years I have picked up my knitting needles again and have continued to enjoy a wonderful craft that was passed down to me, by my Grandmother, along very time ago.

I tend to knit toys and novelty items, as they are more intricate and hold my attention longer than a knitted jumper. However, I am a dab hand at intarsia and enjoy weaving the bobbins to create a colourful design.

I set up this new blog as a scrap-book of my work. Here you will find recent projects, tips, community knitting and items for sale hand knitted by my own fair hands.

Welcome to my Knitting Emporium.

Mummy Rivett.

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