Project #010: The Alan Dart Halloween Hamster

I know what you are going to say, ‘I thought that you were knitting the Flopsy Bunny next’ and, ‘what happened to project 8 and 9?’

All was going well, I stared on the Flopsy Bunny and then I received my bonus at work.  So I then decided to treat myself to some luxury yarn, with a view of knitting myself one of the Gary Kennedy Intarsia Jumpers.  To which Daddy Rivett protested that he would love  jumper for the autumn and could I knit him one.  I said yes and he went through my pattern books and picked out Inspector Clouseau from the Pink Panther pattern booklet:

 My Summer consisted of knitting my first Jumper in over 15 years.  I really enjoyed it but knew I had to get back to the Flopsy Bunny as Alexis was now pregnant for the second time and I wanted to get it finished.

I was then invited to join a Birthday swap group, which happened to be coming up soon, so I started knitting my project for this one.

So that meant Projects 7, 8 and 9 were on the go.

This week at work I was asked if I would be interviewed at work for an article on the Blog in conjunction with a Knitwear deal.  I was delighted to be interviewed, I was then encouraged to join in knitting an item for Halloween over the period of time of the deal.  Not one to turn down a challenge at work, I knew exactly what little project to start, my wonderful friend, Alan Dart designed a great set of Halloween Hamsters for Simply Knitting Magazine.  just the right size to knit in the time frame.

Here a link to the article:  M&S Stories:- Challenge Chanj

So in less than the time stated, 3 days in fact,  I present to you:

The M&S Challenge Chanj, Halloween ‘Knit A Long’ Project #010: The Alan Dart Halloween Hamster

Happy Knitting,

Project #006: The Eve Everitt (M)a(K) Penguin

This little penguin was knitted over two evenings, as part of my initiation into the British Banter Forums on Ravelry.

The Pattern is free and can be downloaded here:  The Eve Everitt (M)a(K) Penguin

As part of the initiation you have to announce the Birth on one of the threads.

Announcement of Birth

Name: Toe Jam

Hatched: 12th June 2011 as part of my initiation into the British Banter group.

Adopted: By Daddy Rivett, who purchased the Lilac yarn to match his Lilac painted toenails.

All a bit of fun and not a real project however I knitted her while making up Desperate Dan.  Daddy Rivett has claimed this one so you are going to have to knit your own.

Happy Knitting,

Project #005: The Alan Dart Desperate Dan

One of the first Intarsia toy booklets I purchased early on happened to be the Beano and Dandy Collection.

The set comprises of seven knitted characters who appeared in the Beano and the Dandy comics published by D. C. Thomson & Co. Ltd.  Nearly every child in England grew up with these comics and the characters are loved by children and adults alike.

My Dad, who doesn’t usually pay much attention to my mass of knitting patterns, took a sudden interest in two sets that came through the post.  The first being The Flintstones, the second, The Beano and Dandy collection.  Dad’s favourite comic character has always been Desperate Dan, joining the Desperate Dan Pie Eaters Club as a child there was a sense of pride of being associated with this character, so when he saw this knitted version he began to smile.  I knew, that day, that I would make Dan for Dad this Father’s Day.  That is how this project came about.

This pattern is one of the first designs that came from the Intarsia brand from the inspired Mr Alan Dart.  The design itself is pretty basic, not that there is anything wrong with that, you can see who the character resembles.  Unlike later patterns, there is not much detail and doll stands very rigid.  The lack of individual digits, make these earlier designs a bit dated by today’s Alan Dart creations.  However, one has to remember that they were pioneering and many of us were stretched with these patterns, marveling at the attention to detail  and trying to get to grips with knitted darts for folds and creases within the designs, which we had never seen before in a toy knitting pattern.  Alan had raised the Bar from


To This:

Which pretty much speaks for itself.  The pattern was one of the easiest I’ve knitted to date and I  finished him quite quickly.  As with everything the make up took the most time, the stubble being the most intricate of the whole composition.

Yarns were my usual favourite Sirdar Bonus knit purchased by our friends at Deramores in colours:  Flesh, Black Classic Red and Denim.

Father’s Day came and my Dad was overjoyed and is so happy finally having a Desperate Dan of his very own.  Dan takes pride of place on the shelf overlooking my Dad while he tucks into his own Pie & Mash, Liquor and Stewed Eels.

Happy Father’s Day Dad as Mummy Rivett presents:

Happy Knitting,

Project #001: The Alan Dart Pirate

As mentioned in my first post, this was my first completed knitting project in over 20 years.

The idea came about when I asked Daddy Rivett what he would like for his Birthday. “Surprise me.” was the response. So, with that in mind, I thought I would hand knit a doll for him, after all he did make me the Mickey Mouse mosaic at Christmas.

So here are the final pictures of my first project. The doll took me 4 weekends to complete, the pattern can be purchased from Alan Dart’s website and the wool was purchased online from my Twitter friends at Deramores (links in the side bar). The project is advanced, my experience with knitting was always with intricate novelty projects, as they keep my attention span active.

Although a challenge I loved every minute of it.

Happy Knitting,