Project #006: The Eve Everitt (M)a(K) Penguin

This little penguin was knitted over two evenings, as part of my initiation into the British Banter Forums on Ravelry.

The Pattern is free and can be downloaded here:  The Eve Everitt (M)a(K) Penguin

As part of the initiation you have to announce the Birth on one of the threads.

Announcement of Birth

Name: Toe Jam

Hatched: 12th June 2011 as part of my initiation into the British Banter group.

Adopted: By Daddy Rivett, who purchased the Lilac yarn to match his Lilac painted toenails.

All a bit of fun and not a real project however I knitted her while making up Desperate Dan.  Daddy Rivett has claimed this one so you are going to have to knit your own.

Happy Knitting,

Project #001: The Alan Dart Pirate

As mentioned in my first post, this was my first completed knitting project in over 20 years.

The idea came about when I asked Daddy Rivett what he would like for his Birthday. “Surprise me.” was the response. So, with that in mind, I thought I would hand knit a doll for him, after all he did make me the Mickey Mouse mosaic at Christmas.

So here are the final pictures of my first project. The doll took me 4 weekends to complete, the pattern can be purchased from Alan Dart’s website and the wool was purchased online from my Twitter friends at Deramores (links in the side bar). The project is advanced, my experience with knitting was always with intricate novelty projects, as they keep my attention span active.

Although a challenge I loved every minute of it.

Happy Knitting,